Our Team

We are tremendously grateful to the numerous researchers, design and communications teams, software engineers, and web developers who built this project and continue to support it at a rapid pace while working remotely. We are indebted to Dr. Chris Marsicano and the entire C2i team, whose partnership made this project possible.

Nat Malkus
Founding Director
Resident Scholar; Deputy Director of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Chris Marsicano
C2i Director
Assistant Professor of the Practice of Higher Education, Davidson College

Jessica Schurz
Project Manager
Research Assistant, Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Alexander Audet
Data Scientist
Data Analyst, Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Matthew Rice
Head of Data Visualization
Research Associate, Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Nathan Cantelmo
Lead Data Scientist and Consulting Developer
CEO and NLP Consultant, Writing.AI, Inc.

Dale Wahl
Data Engineer and Consulting Developer
Data Engineer, Freelance

Julia Faulkner
Director of Communications
Communications Assistant for Domestic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Sam Owusu 
C2i Manager
Senior, Davidson College

Andrew Gardner
C2i Manager
Senior, Davidson College

Madeline Buitendorp
C2i Director of Communications
Junior, Davidson College

Ellena Pennybacker
C2i External Communications Officer
Senior, Davidson College

This project would not exist without the tireless efforts of those who provided outstanding research assistance in gathering and processing data.

From AEI: Nicole Cennamo, Irvin Claudio, Kayla Bartsch, Zach Dickman, Joshua Gonzalez, Megan Litz, RJ Martin, Brian O’Sullivan, Diana Oxner, Madelyn Plating, Kawit Promrat, Peyton Roth, Olivia Shaw, Hayley Sanon, Tracey Schirra, Anubha Tyagi, Hannah Warren

From C2i: Patricia Abely, Zoe Bock, Daniel Brennan, Garnet Brown, Madeline Buitendorp, Sam Cascio, Meghan Corso, Carson Crochet, Tommy Crommie, Adam Cummings, Marina Davey, Chloe DeBeus, Valeria Donoso, Sophie Eldridge, Chinara Embden, Sohan Gade, Andrew Gardner, Anne-Katrine Glittenberg, Macy Lawton, Amanda Lee, John Leiner, Anna Lewis, Alex Marsicovetere, Victoria Marsicovetere, Addie McDonough, Skylar McVicar, Samuel Modlin, Alexis Moore, Tej Munshi, Alex Nikolaidis Konstas, Grace Olson, Stine Ornes, Samuel Owusu, Emily Paton, Claire Pearce, Gretchen Pearson, Ellie Pennybacker, Gracie Petty, Danya Rangachar, Emily Rankin, Anne Ridenhour, Jamie Rose Montagne, Emily Rounds, Grace Smith, Rachel Thomas, Jess Villiger